Greg S Reid The Master Storyteller

By Giji Muldivan

Am not surprised when people ask about Greg S Reid, who he is and what he stands for due to his rich experience in writing books, public speaking and filmmaking and production fields. and production as well as an astute businessperson. His personality remains that of simplicity and giving those who are underprivileged in the society. Being simple to him is what makes a man, a fact he asserts in most of his books and during his motivational talk sessions.

As a think tank, he believes in ones will power to take opportunities head-on to accomplish their goals and improve their lives socially and financially. Partnerships, he argues, is a win-win situation for all. Helping people gain financial freedom is what inspires him which features prominently in his books and motivational speeches. He offers practical solutions to problems afflicting his audience and admirers alike. Each person, he believes has the ability to shape their destiny if they make the right choices.

To his credit, he has written over 40 books and 19 of them in different languages showing his willingness to reach a large audience of readers. Most of these books are best sellers and he uses this tool to appeal to the masses on their ability to succeed on their own accord and initiatives. Self-discovery is what separates success from failure according to Greg, a perceptions his followers should shun.

On the other hand, he has curved a niche in the motivational keynote speaking and corporations, charitable organizations and higher learning institutions have highly benefited from his abilities. Those who take his words, whether spoken word or written seriously, have been able to achieve fulfillment and managed to line a purposeful life. He also gives advice to many youth mentoring organizations where he uses his motivational speaking skills to teach them on how to improve their lives.

Filmmaking and production is his other passion and he is billed as one of the best creator and producer of some of the internationally acclaimed films such as "Three Feet from Gold" and "Pass It On". On the other hand, Reid s emphasizes on publishing best practices to help your readers and adorers alike. He is an all round person and does not shy from venturing where others dare not try.

His recent works include becoming the Napoleon Hill Foundation CEO a position, which he is supposed to expand its historical principles in accordance with what he has written in his bestseller "Think and Grow Rich". He is currently a of a printing and distribution company, The Executive books which circulates books across the world.

The only way to succeed in life is to start small and grow form there. His unique way of expressing how life experiences are beneficial in turning opportunities to reality is what keeps his fans addicted to his personality.

His uniqueness is part of what inspires him, a trait that he freely passes to his followers and audience. Greg S Reid work and an author, filmmaker and producer, motivational speaker and business personality are what he uses to influence other and help them to succeed in live and he offers bespoke solutions to all problems.

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