The Truth Behind Procrastination And Motivation

Many people suffer from procrastination. It keeps them from living fulfilled lives and reaching their full potential. There are many theories behind what makes people procrastinate and how to stop, but few hit the nail on the head and expose the point, which is:
Find Your Passion
When you are passionate, really passionate about something, you will simply not allow yourself to procrastinate.
People with incredible drive, ambition, people who know where they are going in life and why, they have a vision, they have a passion, and they know what change they want to bring to the world.
Not one of them does it solely to just benefit themselves, although that is always the side effect.
Find Something Bigger Than You Are
Finding something, some cause that is bigger than you, something you want to be more accepted in the world that is the first step to finding your true calling.
I say calling, and not work, because work, the daily tasks you have, they are usually boring. The passion is found when you have an end goal in sight, and to reach it you need to be able to constantly remind your mind and body of the passion you feel when you imagine what it would be like to have already accomplished your goal.
That passion will be so strong, so compelling, that it will be hard for you to do anything else but take the next step needed to fulfill it. Procrastinating simply won't even touch your mind.
How To Start
To find your passion you need to be honest to yourself. No one else needs to know what you really want, at least not at first.
The truth is that it may be ugly. That you may lose friends and that your family won't understand you, or they may even stand in your way.
But, you have to plow through that. You can live life of mediocrity filled with procrastination as you go through another mind numbing boring work day that gives you a paycheck at the end of the month, or you can go fulfill your dreams.
How It Feels Like Living The Dream
Again, the truth, the reality - they are ugly. You may fail miserably for weeks or even years. But the feeling you get when you pursue your passion is unimaginably satisfying. It is better than anything else in the world, and it's worth losing security or friends, or both over it.
I mean, think about it, if people close to you can't support you, or at the very least tolerate your passion, why keep them around when you are clearly no match for one another.
Get rid of old clutter in your life and something new will show up. Getting rid of lethargy and going after your passion will remove procrastination out of the equation without any props, and will simply make you happy.
Christopher Montrose has written numerous times about how to stop procrastinating and how to find motivation to live your life to the fullest.
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