Successfully Increase Reading Speed

By Zoe Smith

Some people think that speed reading is only useful when you're in school, perhaps cramming for that all important exam you forgot to study for because you were up all night with friends. Well, that may be true, but speed reading is so much more than that. It is a skill that allows you to obtain and retain a larger capacity for information-making you a valuable asset in any professional environment you decide to be in. Learn how to increase reading speed with these easy tips anyone can use.

Before beginning, collect all the materials required and establish what you need out of it. You can afford to skim over the material if you only need a broad outline of the subject at hand. However, if analysis and study is needed, you need to pace yourself and not be in a rush without fully understanding what you're reading. Legal papers, technical documents and poetry are examples of material you need to read more carefully, while newspapers, magazines and novels can be hurriedly read.

Many people find that they can accomplish more when they read early in the day. Of course this may not apply to everybody-but for the most part, you will have greater concentration and better comprehension during the day than at night. If you read when your concentration is at its peak, then you will not have to go over some things you may not have understood, resulting in further delay.

A conducive environment is another excellent method on learning how to increase reading speed. You do this by sequestering yourself to a quiet spot that does not have any distracting influence (televisions, computers, unnecessary calls, etc.). Plan a time and place for studying and don't let yourself be distracted with other tasks. Sit down and read with the book angled at 45 degrees for maximum efficacy.

Preview the data you have to read. If you need to read an educational resource, start reading the table of contents and then the chapter summary of the essential chapters. Give the bulk of your attention to the key ideas of the text and skim through the less than relevant details. The key element in effective speed reading is to know what the meat of the matter is and only scan through the rest of the details.

If you are serious about improving your skills in this aspect, there are also speed reading software you can use to aid you. You will notice that you usually read in blocks of word and not by individual words. An effective speed reading software will increase the words you read per block as well as decrease the time spent reading these blocks. These tools have helped many professionals advance in their line of work.

Learning how to successfully maximize your speed reading skills will enable you to discriminate the more pertinent information and improve your performance at work. Step up to another level of self-development by maximizing your speed reading skills today!

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