Running Motivation - Become A Streaker!

Most runners from time to time will have a day where they just don't want to go. Sometimes the absolute hardest part of a run is the first one. Getting that foot and the door and the first mile in. But, if you've been running for any time at all - you know that if you can just get that first mile in, the rest will come easily. And most of the time you won't even remember that you didn't want to go for a run.
But, lacking motivation for running is something that can happen. I'm going to share with you what gets me out the door on those days - I'm a streaker! No, I don't run without clothing - it means that I have run for so many days without missing a day. In fact, I've run every day since 1985.
Having my streak has gotten me out the door on many a day when I just didn't feel like it. I've had to get up and get a run in at 4:00 in the morning before a family member's surgery. I get up before 5:00 when I'm out of town on business to be able to get my run in before the meetings begin. And, having a running streak definitely helps me to get my shoes laced up on those really cold days in the winter.
There are many people that say that streaking is crazy - that you need rest time. I highly agree. My weeks consist of hard runs and easy runs. A rest/easy day for me is a slow mile or two. I firmly believe that you need rest days. I always listen to my body. If I've run a super hard day - then the next day I'll run easily. And, if my body says it wants 2 rest days - I give them to it. This is especially important as I grow older and keep training for marathons.
Now, I know that having a streak of never missing a day of running for years is not for everyone. Maybe you can have a streak of a month. Or to keep you motivated, maybe you decide that you're going to run every day but Sunday. Whatever works to get you out the door.
I'm quite aware that people think I'm crazy to be a streaker. That's OK. I know that it's what's kept me running and in great shape for many years! And will for more years in the future!
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