Motivation - The Fuel Of Life

What ignites your passion? What causes you to get out of bed each day ready to take on the world? What gives you a sense of fulfillment? As fuel is to a car so is motivation to the human soul. So what is motivation? Psychologists have theorized it, managers have tried, some persons have heard of it while others have experienced it. Motivation is the inner drive to act or perform tasks with the intention of attaining goals or a specific vision. It involves the willingness to act, persisting despite the odds and vigorously moving towards the desired end. This article is designed to help you refuel your motivation tank by providing tips to enhance motivation.
Motivation is usually driven by need - it can be internal or external. A person who is internally motivated is energized by the interest or enjoyment of a task or satisfaction derived from achievement of goals. Internal motivation is fuelled by understanding your purpose, having a clear vision and pursuing it with enthusiasm and confidence. External motivation is relying on reward and recognition from others to continuously stimulate performance. This may take the form of money, gifts, praise and promotion. Persons who have a strong passion and drive and are intensely focused on achieving their goals tend to be more positive individuals.
So maybe you have lost your passion and can't seem to find the drive or energy to do things. If so, we want to help you to raise your motivation level by offering the following tips:
1. Take some time to identify your gifts and talents. You can do this by looking at the things you do naturally. This could include talking, writing, cooking, socializing, music among others. Be involved with the activities which spark your interest and creativity.
2. Set a goal towards maximizing your gifts or pursuing your dream. You can divide your major goal into smaller goals with a projected time frame for completion. Remember to reward yourself after completing each goal as this will help to keep you motivated to continue.
3. Start with the end in mind. Be determined to finish what you have started. Finishing a task will provide you with a sense of achievement and could give you an adrenaline rush to get up and go. Do not take on too many things at a time as this could divide your focus and affect your ability to complete your tasks.
4. Know that procrastination is your enemy. Procrastination is simply putting off doing things. This could lead to inaction and decreased motivation. Therefore, you should make a daily list of what you desire to accomplish each day, week, month or year.
5. Seek out the company of other people who share similar vision and interests and are actively achieving them. It is often said that winning is contagious so you want to surround yourself with positive people.
6. Constantly remind yourself that you have the ability to succeed and things are possible if you choose to believe and act on that belief.
Undoubtedly, motivation is important to successfully achieving any goal you set. You have to approach life with drive, enthusiasm and passion. This can be found by being involved in activities of interest and having friends or associates with similar vision and interest. Additionally, knowing your ability and purpose and having a clear vision are important factors in motivation. So now you can start the engine of your life and just keep on running.
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