Motivation for Life: What Would You Do if You Could Have a Do Over?


"The only thing it takes 365 days to change is a year" - Hypnotherapist David Block
"If at any time you make a mistake and want to change your selection, press the star key on the telephone pad." - AMC 20 Movie Theater recording
Both of the above quotes imply a radical shift in popular thinking about change. They imply that changes can be made quickly, and don't have to take a long, long time.
I am constantly searching for the very best "change tools" I can find to help the people with whom I work. I look for tools that offer rapid and effective change, and meet at least three criteria:
1) Simple - any one can use them
2) Profound - they work quickly and they last
3) Dependable - they work just about every time
Recently a friend shared with me a wonderful quote from professional speaker Brian Tracy that meets all these criteria and has the potential to be a very rapid and effective change tool. Here's the quote, in the form of a question:
"If you were starting over today, what would you do differently? Whatever your answer, start doing it now."
All of us would like to have a chance for a "do over" in some area of our lives. Well, maybe in many areas. Although we cannot change the past, this question offers great direction for making both the present and the future more like we would want it to be.
Let's look at several areas of our lives and some questions about what we might do over, and then start doing now.
In the area of relationships, would you:
Be closer to those around you?
Stay in touch with people?
Let those close to you know how much you value them?
In the area of family, would you:
Spend more time with them?
Go more places with them?
Throw out the ridiculous notion of quality time and replace it with quantify time?
In the area of marriage, would you:
Learn how to communicate more effectively?
Make sure, on a regular basis, that your spouse knows they are #1 with you?
Honor and cherish them. Remember those words?
Ask your self, what am I contributing to making this a cool place to be?
In the area of education, would you:
Go back to school?
Find out about something you've always wanted to know?
Take a class you've always wanted to take?
Take the time to get really good at something?
In the area of health, would you:
Get in and stay in the best shape you can?
Get rid of some extra pounds? Remember, there's overweight people and there's old people, but there's not a whole lot of old overweight people.
Eat in a way that supports you?
In the area of finances, would you:
Design a life instead of just making a living?
Keep track of where the money goes?
Work and live within a budget?
Put away something for the future on a regular basis?
In the area of attitude, would you:
Pay attention to yours?
Model an attitude you would want friends and family to model?
Find something positive in almost any situation?
I'm certain there are other areas of your life that you can apply this question. Remember folks, life is not a dress rehearsal, although most of us act like it is.
Here's the question again,
"If you were starting over today, what would you do differently? Whatever your answer, start doing it now."
Don't get caught up and stuck in "I wish I coulda-shoulda-woulda." Focus on what you can do now, and simply and profoundly, go do it.
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