Monday Motivation

What is the absolute best part of a movie?? Hands down, the previews. They show you the best parts, the most action and keep you on the edge-of-your seat in anticipation on its release. These previews not only put butts in the seats, but they prime your mind as to how your experience is going to be. When you see an awesome preview you are excited to go out because you hope to see an awesome movie. Regardless of whether or not the movie is good is irrelevant. You will have a good time trashing the flick with your date if it turns out bad. Regardless of the situation, you are ready to have a fun night. And it's all because of the previews.
I always go into every game expecting to win. I PREPARE FOR SUCCESS! Every rep I take at practice, every drill and exercise I do, every hour of film I watch, is done so that I will WIN. In addition, I visualize success. I close my eyes and envision myself doing the correct things, and making the right moves. I imagine how I will feel when I make a big play. I think about GAMEDAY & WINNING! I set my own preview in my head about how the performance of myself and my team is going to go. Sometimes during my visualization sessions I get really excited. I get FIRED UP in anticipation of making the visions that I am having come to life. On GAMEDAY, if I have one my work right, I am calm, cool and focussed, yet excited and ready to BALL OUT! During games, I look to have fun and dominate my job so that I can contribute to my team's success. For this reason, I have an awesome time on the field.
What if you could do this in your life? What if everyday, you went to work in excitement and anticipation of something good happening? What if you could get yourself to believe that you were going to have an AWESOME DAY!? I think that the effect of this would be that you would indeed have an awesome day because you went into the day searching for its AWESOMENESS! Why drag your feet, mope or be negative, put the idea in your mind that the day has many great things in store for you; then go through the day looking for them. I have a feeling you'll like what you find!