Finding Your Motivation in Life

What is motivation? The dictionary describes it as "the act of giving somebody a reason or incentive to do something" or "a feeling of enthusiasm, interest or commitment that makes somebody want to do something". So, motivation can be the reason you do something or the feeling that makes you want to do something. Finding your motivation in life is about finding a reason to succeed and about creating and nurturing the feelings that make you want to be successful. When a person has gone through a tragedy, such as losing a loved one, sometimes they struggle with finding the motivation to get out of bed in the morning. Once you have found your true motivation there will be no circumstance that can stop you from wanting to get out of bed, in fact, the things that might be considered tragedies or setbacks to someone else will only make you try harder to succeed.
Think about two runners competing in a race for a moment. Both of them are about the same height, weight and have about the same degree of muscle tone. Each of them has trained equally hard and pushed his physical body to the limit during practices and competitions throughout the year. Now imagine for a moment that one of these runners has just lost a loved one. It was his grandmother who had raised him since his mother left when he was just two years old. His grandmother always told him to do his very best. The runners take their marks and this runner pictures his grandmother cheering him on. He wants to win this race to honor her memory. Which runner do you think will win the race? The runner with the greatest motivation will surely win, every time. It would not matter if he had a pulled muscle, headache or any other challenge that day. His motivation is so great that it will overcome anything that stands in his way.
Each and every person has something or someone that motivates them. Some people find their motivation in wanting to make the most of the gifts they feel they were endowed with by their creator. Other people find it in the love of their children. For some it is their own sense of contentment and satisfaction. Some people are motivated by money or power and others by feelings of love and commitment. Every person is unique in their talents and abilities, as well as their motivation to use their gifts successfully. A person who is not doing anything with their life or at least not achieving any level of success may think that they just don't have any motivation, but this is usually not true. Sometimes it just takes a little work to uncover it. Many people do waste their lives away and never know their purpose or their motivation, but this does not have to be your choice.
Within each person lies the ability to succeed and find satisfaction, fulfillment and purpose in their lives. Taking the time to think about and uncover your hidden motivation can be the difference between a life of purpose and happiness and one of just survival. Your success begins the moment you make the decision to go after it.
Andrea Lucas is the author of "My Life's A Mess - But I Can Fix It! Reprint Your Blueprint and Grow Happy & Rich!", which deals with the subject of the script, or life-blueprint by which we all live our lives. This blueprint is formed in early childhood as a result of a traumatic event (that could be as devastating as physical or emotional abuse or as insignificant as a spider bite that nevertheless is perceived as traumatic by the child). Such a negative event has a life-altering effect on the way the child sees the world and his/her place in it.
The good news is that a negative blueprint can be changed to a positive one in just seven simple steps. If you are unhappy with your life, your lack of financial or emotional security or your meager accomplishments to date, change your blueprint and reprint yourself a new one! For a copy of her book go to and see how easy it is to live a life of happiness and total fulfillment! Andrea R Lucas, entrepreneur, author and mentor