A Brighter Future Through Girl Up Initiative

By Kathryn Neal

United Nations Foundation is behind the girl up initiative. The foundation seeks to enable American girls to identify with world issues and lead from the front. The girls highlight programs initiated by United Nations and support them using their passion and energy. Most of the programs are geared towards uplifting the lives of adolescent girls around the world.

The vision guiding the initiative is to ensure that all girls, regardless of their geographical location, should be educated, safe, counted, healthy and possess the ability to take over leadership. The challenge for this initiative is to reach over 600 million adolescent girls especially in developing countries. Their challenges are unique and can only be overcome through collective effort.

The understanding is that these girls have dreams of their own and about their families, are talented and very bright. Their potential is threatened by prevailing circumstances. These circumstances make access to basic amenities like school and health care impossible. They also feel left out in decision making even when the issues affect them directly.

The circumstances prevailing around their lives have serious consequences on their part and the society. Enrollment in schools is very low and the situation is compounded by child marriages. Many of them are trapped in early and unplanned pregnancies and young motherhood. This is a vicious cycle that is repeated from daughter to mother.

American girls become a part of the solution by getting involved in such initiatives. Girls are givers, they talk and get involved through natural instincts. They understand the needs of their age mates miles away, they read about them and can identify with global issues. This has ignited their desire to do something to help the girls out.

Other people are welcome to lead a hand through a number of ways. Inviting friends, colleagues and relatives and making them aware of this initiative is considered an effective entry point. The word about the girlafesto is supposed to spread to as many people as possible. People begin to take notice of such issues and are ready to do something.

Reading more about the events and the campaign is another way. This information is available from the website and can be downloaded. The organization uploads resources on the activities that can change the lives of these girls. There are walks, concerts and fund raisers that people can participate. The aim is to ensure that the issues are addressed in as many forums as possible. This will keep them on the foreground.

Supporting the campaign in aid of girls worldwide also takes the form of purchasing branded merchandise. These are tops and t-shirt with target message, caps, jerseys and other attire. The funds raised from such ventures support a club in one of the target countries. Corporate sponsors are welcome to take part in this initiative.

The girl up campaign welcomes the participation of everyone through advocacy and taking a stand. Petitioning and supporting legislative agendas has helped the campaign make major gains. Sustaining the debate in as many global forums as possible is giving the initiative impetus. Even the smallest act can change the life of numerous girls facing marriage before the age of 15 years.

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