13 Personal Development Lessons You Can Learn by Observing Babies

  1. Wake up early and expect good things to happen every day. Meet life with enthusiasm.

  2. Look people in the eye and smile, even if they look grumpy. Trust people. When you do this, you will be surprised how people warm and respond to you too.

  3. Be yourself and love who you are. You have a special combination of gifts and talents that the world needs. You are unique, nobody is the same as you. You are special. Act like it, be confident in who you are. Be a joy to others.

  4. Never give up. Know that you will succeed. (Think how many times a baby falls before he learns to walk properly.)

  5. WANT to learn. Nothing is too hard, if you want it, you can and will master it. Babies master a language from scratch within 2 or so years. See everything as a challenge to be mastered.

  6. Ask questions all the time. Be inquisitive, experiment, find out how things work and why. Questions are your best way to learn. Not only will you get answers from others, your own brain thinks out its own answers to your questions in the most remarkable ways. When you question, you think. You stimulate your brain and learn.

  7. Have a loving mentor who believes in you, wants you to reach your full potential and loves you. Babies have parents. You should never under-estimate the power of a mentor in your life. Find someone who knows more than you do in the area you would like to develop. Ask them to be your mentor. Stay close to them, observe and learn from them.

  8. Observe, imitate and practice what you see others doing successfully. Think about what they are doing and "steal with your eyes". Learn from other people all the time.

  9. Be happy dance, sing and laugh a lot. This will keep your spirits up and make your life beautiful - not only for yourself, but for others also.

  10. Be active, never sit still. Constant activity keeps your muscles toned, your oxygen levels high and your creative juices flowing.

  11. Be filled with the joy of life. Discover new things every day that you can enjoy. Do not focus on the negative. See good and excitement wherever you go and whatever you do. Run to embrace life. Life is a constant adventure.

  12. Forgive quickly - and forget. When you make a mistake or are reprimanded, never hold it against anyone. Un-forgiveness will only hurt yourself, not the other person.

  13. Get enough sleep. You need to be rested in order to function at your peak. Sleep is important.
Babies can teach us a remarkable amount. Next time you see a baby, observe and learn. Life will become exciting and fulfilling when we rediscover the methods babies use to develop.
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