Personality Development Tips To Be A Better Manager

When you´re confident and in control of yourself, only then can you be better at managing other people. Here are some management tips for personality development:
  • Be on time. Whatever your appointment may be, be there at the time you and the other party agreed on. If you have set to be there at 9am to visit a client, schedule a meeting or meet a friend at a working breakfast, then show up at 9am. If you are always late for appointments, people would be dismayed and you will lose their respect. Being on time is common courtesy that will help improve your business.

  • Slow down, let your mind wander sometimes. Regularly take a break and recharge your internal batteries. It won´t do you any good if you´re constantly at work but haggard and less productive. Taking a vacation and rejuvenating yourself makes you get back to work with more energy and creativity.

  • Be careful on your way up. Watch who you step on. You´ll meet the same people on your way down.

  • Don´t be a know it all, you are not smarter than everyone. You may be smarter than some people, but not everybody. Learn to ask input from your team members and listen when they give their feedback. You´ll be surprised at the things you can learn and accomplish from your whole effort as a group.

  • Obtain satisfaction and gain networking by getting involved. Join civic and charitable activities. Doing so satiates your need as a social being and at the same time provides opportunities to gain more contacts.

  • Be prepared, do your homework. You will do better if you´re prepared and ready to handle matters if you´re presenting a proposal to a major client or meeting with the steward of a union, for example. Collect all necessary facts, analyze the problem thoroughly or talk to persons concerned. Taking care of the up front work will make your downstream work easier and more rewarding.

  • Focus on how much you get done, not how hard you work. Successful people focus on results rather than the effort they expend. Anybody can work hard, and most people work hard. The question is, how much are they able to accomplish, and are the results valuable?

  • Learn from other people´s mistakes. You actually do not have enough time to make all mistakes on your own and learn from them.

  • Focus your time and energy. Your time and energy are limited resources. Focus them on effectively accomplishing a few important key things than doing many little things haphazardly.
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