Buddha and Personality Development

We cannot talk about Personality Development without remembering Buddha, who is the apostle of personality development. 'Astaanga Maarga' preached by Lord Buddha is an ancient path to the progress of individual, who wish to become something and struggling to scale greater heights in life. India is a University to the world as far as ancient knowledge is concerned. India is the guiding light to the world in the science of character building. All Indian literature is full of personality development tips and techniques and ambrosia for a man who wish to develop his personality and travel on the path of progress.
Buddha advocated 'Astaanga Maarga' (Eight Folds Path) and propagated across the world to become the 'Father of Personality Development'. Buddha's path on personality development is highly relevant in these days of post globalization and very much specific, measurable and achievable who wish to master the secrets of success.
Some irrelevant lessons and inadequate thought process will not guarantee character building. Benefits of memory power, proper way of shaking hands, importance of goal setting, tips on time management, positive attitude, clarity in and quality in expression, habits, techniques and technologies explained elaborately may be interesting but they are not useful to put into action to get desired results. Imparting personality development lessons must be in a process to memorize and imbibe in the minds of the learners. This kind of personality development training will inspire you to become action oriented instead of suffering from inaction with added procrastination.
If a computer has to function properly, it should have an operating system. The science of character building also has to be delivered in a processed manner, so that it will have an impact on the minds of people. 'Astaanga Maarga' was preached by Buddha in a most lucid manner which is understandable, memorable, sensible and easy to follow for the benefit of individual as well as for the common good of the mankind.
Mr. Satya who did extensive research on 'Buddha's Astaanga Maarga' and Personality Development says that Stephen Covey has created a wheel of success to explain his thoughts on 'Seven Habits of Highly Effective People'. But Lord Buddha created a wheel of 'Astaanga Maarga' about two thousand five hundred years ago and explained about personality, personality development and character building. The first four paths preached by Buddha are visible fruits and to create such fruits of results is explained in remaining four paths. Thus Buddha preached an Eight Folds Path of divine and dynamic process of personality development.
The following are the 'Astaanga Maarga' preached by Lord Buddha. These Eight Paths of Personality Development are interdependent.
i. Right outlook i.e. positive outlook towards life
ii. Right Aim i.e. right kind of goal setting based on your Knowledge, Skills, Abilities and attitude (KSAs)
iii. Right speech i.e. right kind of expression with clarity of thought
iv. Right Conduct i.e. proper behavior with social graces and facilitating others to get the things done.
v. Right livelihood i.e. earning your livelihood without hurting others and with the right means
vi. Right Efforts i.e. putting all your efforts in proper manner with a plan to achieve success without fail.
vii. Right Attention i.e. attention to detail and awareness of the task handling
viii. Right Rapture i.e. enjoying life with right kind of happiness which cannot be disturbed by anybody.
This Eight Folds Path of Personality Development preached by Lord Buddha is not only for the individual to follow, but also is beneficial for the development of the strife stricken world of today at large.
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